Are you of the legal drinking age in your country of residence?

SMOKE LAB encourages responsible hedonism.


Distilled from Basmati Rice

Made with Pure Himalayan Spring Water

SMOKE LAB VODKA – Production Process

  • Milling
  • Saccharification
  • Pre – Fermentation
  • Fermentation – capacity: 1,000,000
  • Distillation
  • Filtration – Sparkler, Carbon and Silver
  • Bottling


Because Smoke Lab Vodka made from rice, it is certified to be gluten free and gluten free diets are associated with improved health, wright loss and increased energy.

Smoke Lab Vodka is Vegan because it contains no animal ingredients or by-products and is not tested on animals. Vegan products are part of a healthy and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Smoke Lab Vodka is Kosher certified product or in other words, fit for consumption by observant Jews

Smoke Lab

Is the first premium Vodka imported from India made from the finest quality locally sourced Basmati rice and pure Himalayan spring water

Nose: Freshly baked bread, delicate vanilla with hints of citrus

Palate: Malty, baked bread, crisp

Finish: Exceptionally smooth and clean


Two-Step Filtration
Gluten free and Vegan
Zero Carbon Footprint
750ML | 40.0% v/v

Smoke Lab

Is an expression of the much-loved Indian herb Aniseed. All natural locally sourced Aniseed is combined with Smoke Lab Classic for an intriguingly sweet and spicy taste.

Nose: Delicate aromas of aniseed and licorice

Palate: Sweet aniseed with gentle spice

Finish: Subtle fennel blossom with lingering aftertaste


Two-Step Filtration
Gluten free and Vegan
Zero Carbon Footprint
750ML | 37.5v/v

Winning in US

Smoke Lab Aniseed

Smoke Lab Classic

Smoke Lab Aniseed

Smoke Lab Classic

SIP Awards – Smoke Lab Aniseed (Gold)

Recognition in India

ET Most Promising Brand 2021

Spiritz Selection Award – Classic (Silver), Aniseed (Gold). Winners in 2020 and 2021

Whats Hot “Owlers Award” - Pune, Kolkata, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Chandigarh