Are you of the legal drinking age in your country of residence?

SMOKE LAB encourages responsible hedonism.



Introducing Smoke Lab Vodka, India’s New Age Vodka. Distilled 5X times using ultra modern charcoal filtration. This smooth yet fiery spirit is the perfect accompaniment to every party. Energetic dancefloors, cocktails under the stars, a spontaneous boat ride, table service at your favourite club or a night in with cards.



A line of thoughtfully made,
genderless streetwear that
promotes equality and tolerance.



Smoke Lab will launch with a host of small-scale, private, experiential events/concepts that bring alive an exclusive world. This may be through illusion, concept tastings, the duality of black and white or a multi-sensory exploration of food, music and fashion.


SMOKE WATER is our very own Himalayan natural spring water beverage, bottled-at-source in the foothills of the Himalayas that is focused on being sustainable and responsible. The first of its kind in India, our water is packaged in aluminum cans for you to consume guilt-free knowing that these cans will be recycled over and over again.